I found Dr. Sanford from the Yellow Pages, he has an ad that says "We see people in pain the same day" . That was me! I called and unbeknownst to me he answered, and said "come on over" . I have been a patient now for three years, and I lead an active life, working out and going to a gym, and I am able to do it pain free thanks to Dr. Sanford. He in the beginning kept telling me about the overall benefits to Chiropractic Treatments, including relief from allergies. My husband, daughter and I all suffer from seasonal allergies and at the peak of the season we could all be on inhalers and multiple pills daily. I am happy to say that we all drug free, and have been for two years. My daughter who is on the Track and Cross Country Teams is outside 7 days a week, and occasionally will need a pill, but no more preventative inhalers and no pills every day. We all benefit from treatment, and continue to see Dr. Sanford once a month or so.

I believe Dr. Sanford helps us all lead an excellent quality of life !

Debby H. (Rumson, NJ )

A contractor, home builder and 10 years of playing football gave me: torn rotary cuffs,herniated disks in my neck and back. I put my trust in many certified Doctors in several different fields such as pain management (epidural shots), physical therapy and Orthopedic physicians. I was in so much pain I could barely stand. The first day I met Dr. Sanford he allowed me to walk out of there with my head held high,something I didn't do for about 3 months. I was amazed. That's why I gave Dr. Sanford the name "Golden Hands". I was recommended to Dr. Sanford by a close friend, I thank her every day for that and would recommend Dr. Sanford to everyone.

Frank D. (Lincroft, NJ)

I'm 73 years old. I was suffering from a nagging Hurt in my lower back for several months. I tried topical pain ointments, pills and heating devices with minimal relief. I finally went to my family doctor who prescribed pain pills and muscle relaxants. The relief was impermanent. I decided to see if a Chiropractor could help? I called Dr. Sanford who scheduled me for an immediate appointment. He took X-Rays and discovered my underlying problem was skeletal in nature and put me on a program of stretching exercises, Chiropractic manipulations and electronic stimulus in the effected area. In less than one week, the pain that has plagued me for over three months is barely perceptible. I am impressed by his professionalism; his detailed explanation of my problem and remedial plans of action.

Bill F. (Middletown,NJ)

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Sanford's for about 10 years; since we moved to this area from Northern New Jersey. By using his Chiropractic skills combined with ultrasound and electric stimulation he has helped me through a variety of maladies ranging from chronic neck discomfort to tendinitis in my thumb. As someone who exercises regularly he has treated me for the various aches and pains of over-doing it. Regular visits have helped eliminate bouts with sinusitis and sore throats, as well. Dr. Sanford will always find time to treat a patient in need of help; I find this admirable in our current climate of overbooked doctors.

Sue P. (Middletown, NJ)